Finanční trh Česka
in a single API request

Pomocí REST API České národní banky můžete pracovat s daty o bankách, směnárnách a zprostředkovatelých spotřebitelského úvěru.

Získat data ČNB nebylo nikdy jednodušší

To make integration of our API even easier, we have prepared demonstrations of integration in different languages.

Choose the API, that your application will use

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API makes data accessible without limitation

With our REST API, you no longer have to deal with limited downloads, the latest data or data formats. We are always online and up to date!

Unlimited requests

With your private API key, you will get rid of all limits and restrictions with data consumption.

Always available

We are saving and backing up data, so you can be all the time online

Only what you need

With possibility to filter data with queries you do not have to download everything but only what you need

Frequently asked questions

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